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K2 – Music EFA Categorisation

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Introduction A set of 19 questions (each agreement rated from 0 to 100) from 48,645 people about their attitutes towards music is taken from www.kaggle.com/c/MusicHackathon. Our aim is to group the questions to identify clusters containing similar answers, so that users can be classified – this enables targetted identification allowing marketing and other focus to […]

Proj – Particulate Matter in Chinese Cities

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title: “MM705 Multivariate – Particulate Matter in Chinese Cities” author: “Phil Curtis” date: “24 May 2018” output: html_document: toc: yes fig_width: 7 “`{r setup, include=FALSE} knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE) knitr::opts_chunk$set(out.width=’950px’) options(digits=4) require(ggplot2) require(forecast) # CV require(nlme) # req for mgcv require(mgcv) # tree ## Introduction PM2.5 readings are often included in air quality reports from environmental […]