Microsoft Licence Sales

Licence sales are not a big part of our business anymore (we focus on database and BI system design and implementation), as you can often get them cheaper from retailers via the EU, and Microsoft don’t think that’s a problem worth bothering about – although customers miss out on experienced system solution providers like us, rather than box-shifting mass-product re-sellers. But we can still advise on licencing, as well as order through the biggest UK distributors, should you be prepared to pay our humble 3% margin on UK distribution cost (now you see why we moan!).

Ordering through us means you benefit from a specialist database consultancy in business for almost 20 years, so you can trust us to manage your licences and work on your behalf to specify the best licencing structure – Perpetual ownership, Software Assurance, Open Value, Subscription, etc…. on top of the usual Core Processor versus Server & CAL User/Device models etc.

Despite this, we still keep licence prices rock-bottom  – head over to our UK Microsoft Server Shop.

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