When you have custom data requirements, we’ll develop:

  • Database Design: Building the tables and relationships with maximum integrity;
  • SQL Development: Stored Procedures and Views for flexible yet powerful server and data performance;
  • SSIS: SQL Server Integration Services – data import, export, preparation and cleansing;
  • SSAS: SQL Server Analysis Services – Data Cubes designed for Business Intelligence Pivot Reporting;
  • SSRS: SQL Server Reporting Services – managed reports and charts available through browsers and PDFs.

We also understand the gotcha’s of licencing SQL Server and PowerPivot (and SharePoint, if you really need it) so provide complete advice for continued analysis, not just throwaway spreadsheets. We can:

  • Build transactional and analysis systems from scratch;
  • Convert clunky formula-based Excel workbooks into streamlined updateable Pivots;
  • Convert Access databases into SQL Server (and SQL Server Express is free);
  • Re-engineer or tune slow performing SQL Server Procedures to generate reports quicker.