OneDrive For Business / Personal – Confusion & Fit For Purpose?

Previously, OneDrive and OneDrive For Business (ODFB) were hardly worth wasting time on, unless you had the patience of a saint and didn’t mind performing basic QA and bug-verification for Microsoft. Now, they have moved on… at last! XXX It obviously took a lot to catch up with DropBox et al, even though the method of Read More

SQL Server Failovers – Awkward Licencing Rules

SQL Server – Fail-over Servers For any OSE in which you use Running Instances of the server software, you may use up to the same number of passive fail-over Running Instances in a separate OSE on any Server in anticipation of a fail-over event. The following additional requirements apply if you have licensed the software Read More

SharePoint SQL Disaster Recovery – uh oh!

You may have a nice warm satisfied feeling from knowing you have SharePoint .BAK backup filesets of all your SharePoint Content Databases. You may even have already accepted and prepared that a rebuild from Farm Configuration backup may actually take way too many hours – and be unfeasible to keep the exact same named servers Read More