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SharePoint Online – overlooked but handy

SharePoint was pretty clunky in the noughties, but now it’s racing ahead and the premier Document Management System integrated with Office – about time too. Critically, Microsoft are pushing it out via Office 365 as SharePoint Online so they’re really eating their own dogfood – and that has influenced the hybrid-friendly version of SP2016, so Read More

Big Microsoft Price Increases in Jan 2017

You may have heard Microsoft are raising prices to “rebalance” the US to UK/EU exchange rate (especially after Brexit impact), ie putting our prices up! They did similar to the Swiss Franc and Norwegian Krone in April this year. We have now had confirmation from our distribution network together with further details: The increases will apply Read More

OneDrive For Business / Personal – Confusion & Fit For Purpose?

Previously, OneDrive and OneDrive For Business (ODFB) were hardly worth wasting time on, unless you had the patience of a saint and didn’t mind performing basic QA and bug-verification for Microsoft. Now, they have moved on… at last! XXX It obviously took a lot to catch up with DropBox et al, even though the method of Read More

SharePoint 2016 – On-Prem is not dead!

Contrary to rumour, on-premises SharePoint is not disappearing just because Microsoft want to bring in new functionality on Office 365 Sharepoint first. In fact, on-prem will always be the way forward for businesses who want to keep control of their data and keep it backed up properly. We still haven’t heard of a replacement for Read More

Open Value – Surprisingly good for spread payments

There are 2 things which hit us hard with perpertual ownership licencing: Big upfront cost; Stuck to Version, eg 2013/2014, (no upgrade to 2016) especially these days of quicker releases. This is especially true with SQL, SharePoint and Windows Server – these systems need to keep up with a more connected landscape. Frankly, it’s rare for customers to Read More

Office 365 – Changing your Partner Of Record (POR)

If you buy your Office 365 licences here (you’re unlikely to get better pricing or support!) you’ll also benefit from us being your Partner Of Record (POR). Actually, if you’ve bought any Office 365 services elsewhere and feel they do not understand or support your business, you can switch your POR to us as well! Read More

Microsoft are dropping Office 365 Public Website

It’s a real shame, but Microsoft are dropping the Office 365 Public Website! Every O365 subscription was entitled to add a “Public Website” to their collection of SharePoint sites. To those that checked, it was effectively a full SharePoint Site which allowed anonymous internet access (without user permission level hassle), and could be used as Read More

SharePoint SQL Disaster Recovery – uh oh!

You may have a nice warm satisfied feeling from knowing you have SharePoint .BAK backup filesets of all your SharePoint Content Databases. You may even have already accepted and prepared that a rebuild from Farm Configuration backup may actually take way too many hours – and be unfeasible to keep the exact same named servers Read More

SharePoint 2013 Licencing…

SharePoint Server 2013 can be delivered through Office 365 at extremely low and spread cost, but often the need is for on-premises installations – for controlled configuration, maintenance, performance and security. This can get expensive, but we’ll try and help keep cost down. SharePoint Foundation is free and runs on Windows Server 2008 onwards, and Read More

OneDrive For Business – is it worth it?

OneDrive For Business (formally SkyDrive Pro etc) seems too good to be true – cheaper than, or (and not Google Drive…) and fully integrated with Windows and Office. It’s even been boosted to give you 1 TeraByte instead of 25GB. Finally, you can automatically sync your files to a Cloud, ensuring offsite backups Read More