Big Microsoft Price Increases in Jan 2017

You may have heard Microsoft are raising prices to “rebalance” the US to UK/EU exchange rate (especially after Brexit impact), ie putting our prices up! They did similar to the Swiss Franc and Norwegian Krone in April this year. We have now had confirmation from our distribution network together with further details: The increases will apply Read More

Open Value – Surprisingly good for spread payments

There are 2 things which hit us hard with perpertual ownership licencing: Big upfront cost; Stuck to Version, eg 2013/2014, (no upgrade to 2016) especially these days of quicker releases. This is especially true with SQL, SharePoint and Windows Server – these systems need to keep up with a more connected landscape. Frankly, it’s rare for customers to Read More

SQL Server Failovers – Awkward Licencing Rules

SQL Server – Fail-over Servers For any OSE in which you use Running Instances of the server software, you may use up to the same number of passive fail-over Running Instances in a separate OSE on any Server in anticipation of a fail-over event. The following additional requirements apply if you have licensed the software Read More

Oracle Licencing Machination FUD

We don’t want to cast stones at the other side – Oracle of course has a perfectly good Database system in direct competition with Microsoft’s SQL Server. We have avoided selling Oracle because we believe there is a certain amount of “negotiation” that can take place on big installation licencing, and we think licencing should Read More

SharePoint SQL Disaster Recovery – uh oh!

You may have a nice warm satisfied feeling from knowing you have SharePoint .BAK backup filesets of all your SharePoint Content Databases. You may even have already accepted and prepared that a rebuild from Farm Configuration backup may actually take way too many hours – and be unfeasible to keep the exact same named servers Read More

SQL Server 2014 is here!

SQL Server 2014 is now available in all editions! Well, apart from Enterprise non-core, because similar to SQL2012, there is no User/Device CAL based edition of Enterprise – it’s only available as a Core edition, so licences the server processor and doesn’t need CALs. This is good and bad – it usually works out cheaper Read More