SharePoint Online – overlooked but handy

SharePoint was pretty clunky in the noughties, but now it’s racing ahead and the premier Document Management System integrated with Office – about time too.

Critically, Microsoft are pushing it out via Office 365 as SharePoint Online so they’re really eating their own dogfood – and that has influenced the hybrid-friendly version of SP2016, so that recent release makes good timing for your business to start adoption. Use the core DMS and CMS facilities to centralise controlled access and teamwork:

  • DMS Versioning and automatic publishing.
  • Approvals, automatic email notifications and other Workflows.
  • Excel and Analysis Services – secured reporting within your intranet.
  • Department and Project sites to centralise collaboration.
  • Many additional templates and applications.
  • SharePoint is a big flexible system and is continuing to evolve quickly thanks to the new more open standards “App” model. You can integrate SharePoint with Azure databases to reduce licencing cost, system maintenance and hosting – or have a hybrid system where you keep critical data on-premises.

You can get some great value – and the support from Microsoft is good too. Check out the free trial, on-premises licences or just contact us to find out how to make SharePoint work for you.

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