Analysis Services – MDX

Key Requirement: Bring together millions of financial transactions into a one-stop-shop using understandable business rules to categorise and enable slicing and dicing for self-service BI.

Delivered: SSAS cubes queried with MDX programming.

Finance and contract managers were struggling with different totals on critical reports, depending on complex criteria which could query conflicting records due to different data sources, formats and categorisation. We designed an Analysis Services data cube structure and fed it using controlled data preparation and cleansing processes, which enabled everyone to check their own queries whilst confident they would always reconcile.

  • SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Services
  • MDX – Multi-Dimensional Expressions
  • Visual Studio package design
  • Installation of SQL Servers
  • Integration of end solution data processes
Project: Analysis Services - MDX Cube Design Year: 2015 Technology: SQL Server 2014, SSAS
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