On-Prem Licencing

Key Requirement: Many clients need advice and design systems to efficiently licence and install SQL Servers on Windows.

Delivered: Finalised full specifications and procured Microsoft licencing to fulfill.

During 5 years we ran an e-commerce platform to price and sell Microsoft licencing (specialising in databases of course, and holding an MS Licence Sales Certification), where the bulk of the work was advising clients which specifications would minimise cost whilst enable scaling of current and future data workloads. Our focus is more on the technical provision of solutions, but we continue to advise and procure where necessary, especially to ensure best configurations of data systems.

  • Hardware and Operating System assessments
  • Consultancy advice to save money and maximise licencing power
  • Procurement and liaison of licences through UK distributors and Microsoft
  • Installation advice

Microsoft Licence Solutions

2013 and ongoing

Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, SharePoint